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Principina a mare

by admin on January 22, 2020
Principina a mare

The first urban settlement of Principina a Mare was developed in the 60s and at that time it was a tourist destination for well-known people of the show business. That’s how this small and quiet seaside resort within the vast pine forest was born, a few kilometers from the town of Grosseto. Principina borders with the famous Maremma Natural Park, which extends to the seaside resort of Talamone. The Maremma Park is well known for its wildlife that can be easily spotted: foxes, porcupines, Maremman cows and fallow deers. This area is perfect for birdwatching activities because a lot of different species of birds pass the winter here. In Principina a Mare you can enjoy beaches with fine sand and clear water that have earned the Blue Flag Certification for the 21st consecutive year in 2019. In 2019 Principina also obtained the Green Flag Award for the 10th consecutive year by a selected jury of Paediatricians for services and entertainment for children in the area. Among the most famous free beaches we have the “Spiaggia delle Capanne” (“The Huts Beach”) that is located in the direction of Bocca d’Ombrone, where the Ombrone river flows into the Tirrenian Sea. This beach is known for the rustic huts that are built from creative tourists with the large branches that the sea brings ashore. Principina a Mare is perfect for those who love nature and outdoor activities. Here you can go horseback riding, go on short or long walks or bike rides using the bike paths that connect Principina to Marina di Grosseto and to the city of Grosseto. The climate is exceptionally mild, always sunny and windy, which allows windsurfing activities. What are you waiting for? Come and enjoy the calmness, silence and peace that this little paradise can give you!